About Us

“Fostering collaboration and professional partnerships through Visual Art”

Boston has a vast array of different artists with extremely creative and innovative ideas who are dedicated to their craft but struggle to find each other. Boston Visual Artists brings these artists together to share ideas, common interest, and network with like-minded individuals.

At Boston Visual Artists, we believe building a strong community of local art will help foster friendships, professional partnerships, new ideas, and greater success for all. It’s no secret that collaboration often brings the best work and even solo artists can benefit from spending time around other creatives. We want to give local artists of all experience levels  that opportunity to meet, mingle, and network with each other.

We offer monthly meetings at ZuZu bar at Middle East in Central Square where members can show recent work to other members, receive honest, polite, and constructive criticisms, network and plan collaborations and discuss topics of passion. We also host monthly collaborative art and community events. We foster a safe environment to be the artist YOU want to be.

We welcome artists who work with the following media:

Graphic/Digital Design
3-D Art
Fashion Design…and more!